Live Music & Bar Blue Events

Live Music # AtTheMoon - Ken Arbadji

January 29

Music starts at 7pm - 10pm

Come welcome Ken back to the Moon !

Live Music at the Wyckoff Moon - Long Road Home

February 5

Join us tonight as we welcome

Long Road Home at the Wyckoff Blue Moon

7pm - 10pm

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - Pat Prebor

February 11

A warm Blue Moon welcome to one of own tonight

at the Wyckoff Moon.  7pm - 10pm. 

Check out his facebook page.

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - Jay Mickens

February 12

music starts at 7pm

Check out their facebook page

Live Music # AtTheMoon - Ray Longchamp

February 25

Join us tonight 7pm - 10pm with Ray Longchamp

Check out Ray's website

Live Music @ Wyckoff - Ryan Flannery

February 26

Join us tonight 7pm - 10pm

Back To Work !

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