Unit Economics

Blue Moon Mexican Café

Unit Economics

Median Unit Sales Volume- $1.67M
Median Total Sales Per Seat

bq. Blue Moon Mexican Café- $19,998
Full Service Restaurant Mid Atlantic (NY, NJ, PA)- $9,902*

Median Sales Per Square Foot

bq. Blue Moon Mexican Café- $668

Full Service Restaurant USA- $250*

Average Operating Costs as Percentage of Total Revenues

Food & Liquor Combined- 25%
Labor- 30% (Including management)
Occupancy- 4.5%
Miscellaneous- 20%
Some items included in miscellaneous: Cleaning Supplies, Computer Maintenance, Dish Replacement, Equipment Rentals, Insurance, Linen, Health Insurance, outside services (payroll etc.), Paper goods, Postage, Processing fees, Maintenance and Repairs, Supplies (menus, crayons, office), Utilities, Waste removal

*Source- NRN 2006/2007 Restaurant Industry Operations Report

**Disclaimer: The financial numbers are for the 2006 fiscal year and are based on averages of the 5 restaurants affiliated with the franchisor opened at least one full year as of December 31, 2006. See our Uniform Franchise Offering Circular Item 19 for more details. The above figures are unaudited. We do not represent that any operator can expect to attain the results presented on this page. Your success will depend largely on your abilities and efforts. Blue Moon Mexican Cafe cannot assure you that you will experience the same level of operating expenses. You should review these figures carefully before making any decision to purchase the franchise. This offering is made by prospectus only.