FAQ Community

Q. What is a Community Fundraiser

A. Community Fundraiser are a great tasting way to raise funds for your organization with little effort! Any non-profit organization, community group, sports team church or temple are welcome to participate. Simply choose a night that your organization will dine at Blue Moon (usually a Monday or a Tuesday) and we will donate 20% back of the sales you generate by bringing in your customized flyer on the day of your event. In addition to the actual event in the restaurant, guests will have the opportunity to purchase e-gift cards using a unique link that is given to your organization. You will also earn 20% back in sales from the eigft card sales you generage using your unique link

Q. What is an e-gift card?

A. this is a gift card purchased on our website and sent to the customer via email.  You can send one to yourself to use in the future or send one to a friend! To redeem your e-gift card: you can print it out on a piece of paper or simply show the server the gift card number when you pay your bill

Q. Are Community Fundraisers just for dinner / night time?

A. Community Nights are actually an all day event. Good for lunch, dinner, take-out and delivery (as long as the delivery address is in our normal delivery range)

Q.Who can book a Community Fundraiser?

A. Any non-profit organization, community group, sports team, school, church or temple

Q. When will I find out how much is being donated back to my organization?

A. About a week after your event, we will reach out to you via email and let you know the results of your Community Fundraiser

Q. When will I receive my check?

A. Approximately 2 weeks after your event.

Q. Can I customize the flyers?

A. The flyers are a template - we can only customize the name of your organization, the date of the event and your unique egift card sale link

Q. Why do I need to provide a Tax ID?

A. We need to provide this information if there is an audit event

Q. Can I pass out the flyers the night of my event at the restaurant?

A. No.