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smooth texture,onions, tomatoes, and cilantro evident.
Flavorful not salty, fresh color and taste

Fresh, no hint of browning, no excess water

fresh - should not be mushy or slimy

fresh, tomatoes should be bright not pale.
Jalapenos, onions, cilantro and tomatoes evident

rich tomato flavor, medium thick consistency, hint of spice from jalapenos,
pepper and onions - cilantro evident - no bubbles present indicates it is turning

should be brick red in color and have a distinct chipotle flavor, not overly pureed.

smooth consistency, peppers & onions evident.
hint of chili powder & garlic. Not oily or greasy.

chicken should be shredded, no big chunks.
peppers & onion evident, flavorful with tomato taste,
not bland or salty

should be be dried out, mixture should have an deep orange tint
taste is mild but covers the taste of chop meat

rich onion flavor, thick consistency, dark brown color, should be
very flavorful not bland - hint of season salt and onion flavor

rich black bean flavor, semi- thick consistency, peppers, onons & cilantro evident
hint of spice in aftertaste

moist not dried out, reddish/orange in color, peppers, onions & corn evident
flavorful not salty, fluffy not mushy or clumpy

chunks of well seasoned moist stew meat,
meat should be easy to cut and chew
not greasy, beefy taste and heavy spice flavor to follow

brisket should not be dry, should be shredded and have a powerful flavor that is spicy
but not overbearing

flavorful tomato base with peppers, onions, zucc, carrots,
pinto beans, black beans and kidney beans - veggies should be
cooked through not crunchy or overly salty

prepped fajita meet should be completely covered
by the marinade in the prep bucket

smooth texture, light green in color, hint of garlic
and jalapenos, well balanced. not salty

fresh and crisp - no browning
cut clean

should have enough defrosted for the day, rolls should be fresh inside and out and the
tops should not be cracked

fresh, crisp and non- greasy
make sure they are not stale

to go set ups should be done daily, stored properly and fresh.
watch for browning on the guac and bubbles on the salsa
rotate stock

Garbage area should be clear of all debris and all garbage should be inside the proper
container and lids closed.

Area should be free of all debris and swept clean