Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - Yada Yada Yada

July 28

music starts at 9:30pm

Live Music @ Englewood Moon - Frantic Band

July 28

Music starts at 10pm

Live Music @ the Englewood Moon - Twisted Charm

July 28

Music starts at 10pm


This band has great energy and can get any crowd to their feet dancing the night away. This band is not afraid to put a little “Twist” to an already popular song.  .

Set includes songs from Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Journey, Ce-Lo,  and Heart.



Live Music at the Wyckoff Moon - RPM

July 29

Motown, Soul and Rock n Roll !

Music starts at 9:30pm

Check out their facebook page

Live Music @ Englewood Moon - No Discipline

August 4

Music starts at 10pm

Check out their website & facebook page

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - Nobody's Fool

August 5

music starts at 9:30pm

We play Classic Rock, but not the typical tunes. We like to mix in songs that you love, but haven't heard in a long time.

(We Play The Classic Rock You USED To Hear!)

Check out their website or their Facebook page


Live Music at the Englewood Moon - Up the Dosage

August 5

Music starts at 10pm with Up the Dosage

"How Classic Rock is Done"

Check out their site for more details

Howl at the Moon

August 7

Celebrate the Full Moon at Blue Moon !

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Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - Propain

August 11

music starts at 9:30pm

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - The Road Show

August 12

Music starts at 10pm - Rock-N-Roll

Check out their Facebook page.