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August 14

Live Music at the Englewood Moon - Rockhorse

Rockhorse - Playing classic rock / party rock favorites from the 70s through the 21st century. From Blondie to Oasis, from Journey to The Clash, from Joan Jett to Kid Rock, from the B-52's to The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Scandal and so much more.


Music starts at 10pm


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August 15

Live Music @ the Englewood Moon - Shakey Ground

Winners of the latest Battle of the Bands in Maplewod/S Orange.

Featuring legendary Boston R+R Hall of Famer Vern Miller on bass.

Playing the best of classic rock, blues, funk, soul and R+B. Jeff Beck, Santana, Sly, Stevie Wonder, Clapton

Steely Dan and more...


Music starts at 10pm!

August 21

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - Castel

Music starts at 9:30pm - classic rock & a few originals

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August 21

Live Music @ Englewood Moon - Frankie G Band

Music starts at 10pm - rock cover band of the 60's, 70's, 80's and more!

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August 28

Live Music @ Englewood Moon - Straight Jackits

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Music starts at 9:30pm