Community Nights

Year Amount
Thru 2009 $207,318
2011 $37,623.84
2012 $40,337.88
2013 $44,288.40
2014 $43,139.72



A great tasting way to raise funds for your organization with little effort!

Any non-profit organization, community group, sports team, school, church, or temple are welcome to participate.

Simply choose a night that your organization will dine at Blue Moon and we will donate 20% of the sales your organization generates back to the organization.

We not only serve great food and excellent Margaritas but we also believe in supporting local organizations in their work in the community.

To reserve your date and for further details and information call our office
at 201-848-4088 and ask for Kelsey.



Events and Promotions

Westwood High School Class of 2015

April 7

Emerson Red CLaws Baseball Team

April 8


April 12