Live Music & Bar Blue Events

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - Rockwell

December 23

music starts at 9:30pm

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - Blend

December 29

Music starts at 9:30pm - A trio singing sing a long classics with lots of harmonies

Check out their facebook page

Live Music at the Englewood Moon - The Kootz

December 29

The Kootz @10pm

Rock N Roll with Fiber !

Check them out !

Facebook Page

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - Collision Theory

December 30

Music starts at 9:30pm

Live Music @ Englewood Moon - My Buddy Paul

December 30

Music starts at 10pm

Check out their website

New Year's Eve Late Night Party in Englewood & Wyckoff

December 31

New Year's Eve Family Party at the Moon !

December 31

Now accepting reservations for our famous

New Year's Eve Family Party !

Dinner reservations start at 4pm

Clown Entertainment, Hats & Noisemakers.

New Years's Day

January 1

All of our locations will open at 12noon today.

The Blue Moon family wishes everyone all the best for the New Year !

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - My Buddy Paul

January 19

Music starts at 9:30pm!

Check out their website

Live Music @ Wyckoff Moon - The Woodpeckers

January 20

music starts at 9:30pm